Saturday, May 28, 2011

This and That

Sometimes life can take such unexpected turns.  Imagine my surprise when I got a box in the mail. I don't get many boxes through the mail and when I do it is something that I have ordered.  So when the box arrived, of course I got excited!  Hey! You know you would too!!  My dear friend MissBurr sent me this amazing housewarming gift.  Made in America too!  Thank you again MissB.  You are awesome!
"I can't find my work gloves."  I've been saying this for almost two weeks.  I have looked in "the last place I remember having them".  I have looked in places they couldn't possibly end up in a million years.  I've looked in the living room, kitchen,bedroom, bathroom, in cabinets and drawers.  I've looked around the barn area, the garden, the RV pad, and in the truck.  Each of these being done at least twice!  NO GLOVES.  Have you ever noticed that once you give up looking for something, it will decided to show itself in no time at all?   Mars picked me up a new pair of gloves while he was in town and 2 days later my old ones showed up in the dang truck!  It's not like they won't see their fair share of work though.  This pairs already blowing out a finger and the stitching on the palm is wearing thin.  They just don't make good affordable work gloves these days.

Some of you guys may remember the pepper plants that we overwintered in Mrs. M's greenhouse.  I had never tried it before. Heck I wasn't really aware that peppers would last more than one season.  Mars has 5 jalapeno and Serrano peppers that came through the winter just fine. New leaves all sprouted out and there are tons of new blooms on them.
Oh and did I mention they are loaded with these??

The place is really looking different as each day passes and something new gets done.  What a wonderful feeling that is.  We have a burn pile that seems to always be needing another fire set.  Every time I turn around it has grown again!

Mars has been working on the rabbit pens.  He's made stands for the pen and now we just need a top for it and we will be set.  I'm still looking for rabbits but I haven't found them yet.  

There are four really nice big old Oak trees on the property here. We've been gathering up some of the downed oak limbs to use in the BBQ pit.  It gets it's own pile.

I just love how it looks now with all the tall grass cut down and the dozens and dozens of little sapling trees out of there.  So peaceful.  And hey, all that shade is a mighty nice thing too!
 I made a batch of sugar cookies from an old recipe book.  They came out as more "cakey" (is that a word?)  than cookie and weren't very sweet.  They screamed for icing after I took this picture.  So I gave in and made some.  Sorry, but I didn't catch a picture of them after they were dressed up.... they went pretty fast!  
I made enough icing to frost a battalion's worth of cookies and had a bunch left over.  I figured I would make a cake or something to put  it on.  You know ya can't let good frosting go to waste.... So I went to grab the icing out of the fridge and this is what I found....
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  1. great blog and fabulous progress...

  2. why are you burning all that sweet wood??
    Dean in az

  3. Dean, the wood you see is a rotten tree that had to be taken down. Unfortunately, most of the sapling stuff is soft wood as well. Trust me, we are keeping the "good stuff".

    Thanks for stoppin' by Chef!

  4. Lookin' real good, Sci! I'm glad you're taking a lot of pictures. You will be too when you've been there a few years. You will be spending the cool of the evenings sitting in the shade, admiring your place ...and you can look back at the pictures and remind yourself what you started with.

    So your refrigerator eats leftovers too? I thought it was just mine!

    : )

  5. Mmmmmm, cookie... Ya know, those gloves always find a way to wander off. It's like that old movie "The Hand", ha ha.

  6. My baby sis brought me some peanut butter cookies yesterday! I fought hard to not eat them all in one sitting!

    I even saved some to give to Mom...that may have been a mistake!

    The place is looking really good!

  7. WOW! You guys are making some kick ass progress out there! =) How satisfying is that! I'm so happy for you guys, and I'm loving following along with the pictures!! How are the sideways tomato plants hanging in there?'ve been tagged in my little part of blogville! =) xo

  8. Looks like Mars enjoyed a 6-pack while making those pens, lol! Seriously, they look great. Good job on all your hard work!

  9. Oh, and what a beautiful knife set! Great housewarming gift!

  10. I've found my gloves in coat pockets and in garden buckets I carry around with me. A few have been found in the dryer also. :)