Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up

It rained all day Sunday. I think it got up to about 53.  I don't do cool (cold) weather well these days.  It's got to do with my blood platelet's being so low.  That's what they tell me anyway. I get really cold while other folks are fussing about the heat.  So I stayed inside in my sweats and socks all day.  Actually it's not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday.   Of course nothing really got done around here although I did manage to whip up a batch of cookies and a roast for dinner. I admit that for the first time in quite awhile I missed watching TV.  That in itself is kind of funny because even if we had the dang thing hooked up there is never anything worth watching, especially on a Sunday afternoon.  Somewhere, packed among all the boxes, there is a digital converter box for the TV.  I remember seeing it about a year ago...

 Our Internet connection out here is pretty bad.  Almost as bad as dial-up.  Except that with dial-up eventually you can download a YouTube video and watch it.  A friend suggested trying a Rural ISP connection so I called them about it yesterday morning. Basically it is Internet provided by an old fashioned antennae.  They must be pretty busy around here because they said they would "try" and get out here by the end of the week to check our location and see if they can hook us up.  Right now we are on a wireless connection and it sure leaves a lot to be desired. (what an understatement!)  I might not watch much TV but I sure do miss a good Internet connection.  

Rain and cool weather was predicted for Monday but we lucked out. It was cloudy and cold cool all day but never did rain. The wind finally stopped blowing too. I think it got up to about 57 by the end of the day. The burn ban is still lifted so we decided to take advantage. We piled up all the wood from the tree we cut down on Saturday and started a fire.  There are also bunches of "sucker" trees growing all over the area we have been clearing. That had to be done before we can back up and unload  the trailer.  We managed to get a bunch of them cut and burned as well. It's amazing how much better the place looks with them all cut out. 

The weather is supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow so with any luck we can offload the rest of the stuff off Bud's trailer.  They are buying a new lawnmower and are set to pick it up on Friday, which means we need to get it back to them in the next couple of days.  I'm actually glad for the incentive to get things off of it.  I'll take the trailer back and bring out another load of stuff from Mrs.M's. I figure after that there may be one or two more loads and we will be "all moved in". 
I've had a couple of folks mention the fact that I haven't been posting any pictures here of our "progress".  I'm working with a different computer and operating system now and I haven't been able to figure out how to post them yet.  I am working on it.  I hope to have it worked out soon.  I HAVE been taking pictures though so with any luck....

The MSM (main stream media) has been talking about nothing at all except Osama's assassination.  I have my thoughts on all of that but I figure I won't be sharing them here.  This hasn't ever really been a place that I spout my beliefs too much and I don't figure I'll change things now.  That being said, I DO think it is hilarious that Obama made his "announcement" just as the folks on "The Apprentice" were walking into the boardroom to see who was going to get to hear those now famous words  "You're FIRED". 
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  1. I feel your frustration, Sci. We have done without tv (except netflix, 1 dvd plan) for over 18 months now. But at least we had satellite Internet ...very reliable and many times faster than dial-up. You should be able to get satellite service as an option too. More expensive to install than rural, I'm sure ...but WAY better, imo. Just a thought.

    Glad you're making progress. We like to look back at the pictures we took when we were considering buying this place and the pictures we took of each new project over the last five years. Right now, you notice every little improvement day to day but as you live there a while, you won't notice how much good you're doing all along. If you ever get worn out and discouraged from all the work, look back at those pictures. You'll be AMAZED and encouraged, I promise.

    Send us some of that rain, please? We're shriveling up down here!

  2. Scifi , Jewells and I love our new rural internet - after years of being unhappy out in the sticks using satellite internet, our new internet via antenna is the cats meow! Even works in thunderstorms, no problem downloading videos, and no cap on bandwidth usage like satellite. The only issue is you need line of site to the tower - ours is 13 miles away or so, but with the antenna on the peak of the house with a little tripod its working out quite well.

  3. Nice to hear things are moving along. Hang in there.

  4. We used a mifi device from Virgin Mobile for a while and it was pretty good. I don't know if you have towers around you, but they seem to cover a good part of the US.

    And as much as I love some pics - I am just happy to see you and know you guys are okay/doing good. :D

    PS-Actually the President didn't come on until 11:35 pm est to make the announcement - it was the news stations that broke into Apprentice to talk for almost an hour beforehand. We were watching it too, but we appreciated that the news of OBL's killing was a wee bit more important then finding out Hope got voted off. hee