Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This and That

Well it looks like I sort of fell off the blogging wagon for a couple of days.  I sure am glad it didn't leave a mark!  :)

I thought I would share a picture with you of the BBQ pit that Mars made. If you look closely you can see it was made out of an old 7-Up syrup bottle.  And yes that is a brake drum for the base!  We have used this little pit regularly forever. It cooks great and it's portable too.  Trust me when I say it has seen it's share of lakes, rivers, and campsites!  Just the perfect size for the two of us!

We rode into the Big City yesterday to do some shopping.  M & B had to do some restocking on supplies and so we went to Sam's Club. I have a confession to make... I had never been in a Sam's before.  Interesting place to be sure but I can't see me shopping there.  For the way that I shop it just wouldn't be cost effective (even with the bulk discounts) to buy a membership. I DID find something I hadn't seen before and just had to try.  They had large jars of brown gravy mix.  I've always bought it in those little packages you get for 2@$1.00 and only make one cup. This jar has enough in it to make probably 50-60 cups or so and was $4.88.  So I can't wait to try it and see how it works out.

We are getting ready to be overwhelmed with figs around here.  The tree by the side of the house is loaded down with them. They are super sweet and wonderful right off the tree! I am going to go pick the first round of them tonight after it cools off a little. There just may be some canning to be done after all this summer!

Mars started some tomato and pepper seed today for the fall.  And Mushroom said we could knock ourselves out and use the greenhouse and her boat too! Plant away she said!  FYI the boat has been turned into a big old raised bed.  I'm looking forward to seeing what all he will put out there.  Maybe I will try my hand at some herbs again. I don't know why I have such bad luck them.  I keep on trying though.  It seems the only things I have any luck with is Basil, Sage, and Cilantro.

I had to laugh at my animals yesterday.  Cat's and dog's can be so funny.  I was eating peanut butter and crackers and offered Miss Kitty one. I had no idea she liked peanut butter!  To see her trying to get it off the roof of her mouth was Priceless! I sure wish I had had a video!
I was looking through the fridge and ran across a package of soy cheese that someone gave us.  I tried a bite of it and almost spit it out.  Now I know why they gave it away! Talk about nasty... Anyway, I thought maybe B.B.(the dog) would eat it.  Heck she will eat most anything. So I took some stale bread and put a slice of that soy cheese on it.  I offered it to her and she took it "gingerly" and walked off with it in her mouth.  I followed her to see what she would do.  She walked around to the back of the yard behind the wood pile, dropped the sandwich, dug a hole, and covered it up!  Apparently she didn't like it any more than I did.  Another priceless moment!


  1. LOL! smart dog :D

    Your BBQ pit is interesting. Kudos to Mars for having a creative imagination.

    FYI, our herbs did not make it either; not a single one of them :( Just something else we have in common. ;)


  2. wish you'd stop here, I'd give you some herbs. I have more herbs than I know what to do with!
    I give my dog his medicine by putting it in bread with peanut butter.
    Let us know how the gravy turns out...sounds like it would last forever in the preps and much better than the little packets.

  3. My herbs are going fine it's my bell peppers that are having issues.

    Nice blog you got here.

  4. Oh I LOVE that barbeque. Now that is a barbeque!! I think it is the coolest thing I have ever seen..What a clever idea..

    I am right along side of you when it comes to growing herbs.. I have tried and tried and tried..I have finally decided no more and I will buy fresh herbs from others who can grow it..

    Have a great day and many more meals on that cool looking barbeque..I love things like that..Lisa

  5. SCI, I don't think tomatoes will make by cold weather if you start them from seed now. You might want to try and find some sets and start them now if you want tomatoes by cold weather. All is well here with lots of canning and fish freezing going on. FK

  6. Fel... looks like you and I need to go visit with HerbalPagen this year and try try again!

    PioneerPreppy thanks so much for stopping by. We had a good start on the green peppers this year but encountered some problems..Nuff Said! Any tips from you guys on herb growing would be welcome news to me.
    Lisa, Is that not a cool pit? It cooks great too. Looks like there are quite a few of us that need to visit folks like Herbal Pagen... I wonder if she has enough for all of us? lol
    FK there is no success without trying! Besides I should get at least an extra 6 weeks right?

  7. We have a membership to sams and I rarely go, your right most things are not worth the price as we find much cheaper else where. I love the grill.... Talk about repurposing & being creative with what you have!

  8. Love the bbq pit! How clever.

    And I am with the dog. I would have buried that stuff too. Smart animal.

  9. cool BBQ! There are some neat thigns at Sam's CLub but I'm not sure I can justify a membership either.
    Soy cheese....I have found few things soy that are appetizing. To me soy is just meant for desperate times. Maybe he was burying it so as not to hurt your feelings. Just let you think he ate it and loved it.

  10. Talk about resourceful. That is so cool!