Thursday, July 1, 2010

Return to Prepping?

This blog started out as a prepper's blog.  It has, as most blogs do, taken on its own life.  I am sure it will continue to evolve into whatever direction I tend to flow with.  I tend to write in the "here and now" most of the time. That's just me!   Unfortunately, (or so I thought) at this moment in my life, I have had to step back from prepping in the way I had become accustomed to. The gathering of physical preps has had to be put on hold for awhile. I found myself becoming a bit depressed over that reality.

  And then, in a weird twist of fate, I was reminded what the preparedness movement is REALLY about.  Some of the most important aspects of prepping come from learning and teaching others new skills and to be able to use those skills in real life situations. It is not just stocking up for those times you will need "things". Just because I am not actively adding physical things to my preps doesn't mean I have to hit the brakes.  I can still help others as well as learn new things every day. And isn't that the real purpose?  To find "freedom through teaching others self reliance"? 

I have been a member of one of the many preparedness forums out there for a few years now.  I had written many posts and have been an active member to one in particular. I was dismayed to find that someone had deleted all my posts and even deleted my membership there.  All things happen for a reason though.  My resolve share my knowledge with others has been rekindled.  So I would like to say thank you to the person who has helped me regain my forward motion!


  1. Sometime you find inspiration in the strangest places... ;)

    No need to question it, just go with it, don't worry about what anyone else (might) think, just go where your heart leads.

    It doesn't matter if you are actively prepping, you still have the knowledge and it benefits all of us for you to share that knowledge.


  2. I always learn so much from you. You give me strength on days I think I can't handle anymore. You are like a timex... you take a licking but keep on ticking..... so keep on teaching and sharing with us. The forum loss is our gain!

  3. Oh Sci,
    I am sorry your posts were deleted. That should have never been done. Just because there was a falling out of sorts with one of the directors does not mean that your posts were not helpful or informative to others.

    From what I remember of your posts they were not in violation of the code of conduct. If there was a dispute, it should have been brought before us. I'm supposed to be a member on that committee, I wonder if it has now become defunct?

    Oh well onto other things, are we not always saying we feel we were put here for a special purpose? I still feel your purpose is in helping others to learn. Everything happens for a reason and your situation now has happened because it is where you need to be at this place and time. Just go with it Sci, don't think on it too much and do what makes your heart happy.

    Hugs and Love

  4. Just remember, when you are buying or otherwise acquiring physical preps you can still be planning, and learning - both of which are important.

  5. oh Sci, I'm sorry that happened to you. Cheer up, you are still who you've always been, still cheerful and helpful and able to see the beautiful in everything around you. You have a lot to share and teach.
    email any time you need to vent!

  6. Dang - I hope you are wrong - if they've deleted your posts at where I think you're talking about - my respect for the administrators just plummeted to zero. I will sign off of that site forever, if that is the case. I've contributed stuff, too - so am I to udnerstand that if they get mad at someone - they just delete their helpful advice? Not the way to run a site.

  7. I posted in your "I cry FOUL!" thread and went back a few minutes later to see if anyone else posted..found the thread has been removed.

    I sent a note to the Admin - told him if a personal matter is gonna be used to delete helpful posts so readers don't get that advice, I won't be party to it. I'll be leaving.

  8. Wretha, You are 100% right. It IS about the prepping and I don't aim to quit that!

    Peggy, You flatter me,,, LOL can you see me blushing?

    My Dear friend Fel, I know you are right...there is always a rhyme to the reason, yes?

    Anon 2:33 You make the point quite well. All our prepping, be it tangible or intangible, is important.

    HP my friend, Thank you! You can be sure I will email you if I feel like going silly on someone. You were on the forums with me when I first started going there and I appreciate your kind words.

    Anon 7:13 Don't give up on the site. This was all the doing of ONE person. Please don't toss out the baby with the bathwater(as it were)

    Anon8:03 Thanks for sending them a note. I just went and checked and the thread is still there. As I told Anon 7:13 This was the work of ONE person and that person is no longer able to access the "delete" button. So please don't give up on the forums. If you are who I think, You are a great asset to them. And remember, it's really all about the Prepping right?

    Folks, If you haven't figured out the culprit... then you haven't been reading my blog in awhile! LOL