Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Another Day

We got some more much needed rain yesterday. Today has been overcast and drizzling a bit.  Of course, when it finally does decide to bless us with moisture it's on my day's off.  It's ok though, we need the rain desperately in Texas.  

I pretty much took a "real" day off yesterday.  Did a couple of loads of laundry, washed the dishes and vegged in front of the computer.  Today I figured I should get offa my butt and get something done.  

The pepper plants were loaded and I have been putting off picking them until I had the time to deal with them.  The Hubster went out yesterday evening (in the drizzle) and picked the jalapeno's.  He also did our first harvest of the serrano's ( which we started from seed- another first!). 

I put up 5 jars of  pickled jalapenos with carrots, onion and garlic, and one jar of pickled serrano's.  This time around I put way more veggies in, as I don't do "Hot peppers" well ,but I love the veggies.  Made sense to me!  The peppers (according to the DH who knows peppers well and loves them) were deemed extra hot but really good flavor.  That's pepper lover speak for.... you don't wanna try these!  The man can eat habernero's along side a bowl of beans I tell ya.  So when he says they are hot... I'm of a mind to believe him.  And it only took me once to learn that lesson a few years ago!  The serrano peppers I won't even try.  Way out of my league.

I was at the local grocery yesterday and they have strawberries on sale @ $1.50 a pound so I picked up enough to do another 8 jars of jelly.  We have been discussing (debating actually) the pro's and con's of growing strawberries.  I had been thinking of maybe starting a bed in a kiddie pool.  
The local gardening guy from The Natural Gardener had said that strawberries in this part of the country are more of an annual around here.  After much discussion, we came to an agreement. As much work as they are to grow in Central Texas , along with the water usage, it seems to be a better idea for us to just purchase them when they are on sale and in season. 
So, another 8 jars of jelly are smiling at me from my cupboards tonight!

I bought a two pound package of carrots yesterday so I would have some for the pickled peppers.  The remainder are in the dehydrator right now.  The buying of the larger package is directly related to my thoughts on food storage. 
I needed the carrots for the peppers, and so instead of buying just what was needed, I opted for the larger package, knowing that I could dehydrate and store back the rest. Only about $0.75 cents more and adds to the preps! Just a good habit to get into in my opinion.  And another addition to the larder.  Ya can't go wrong with that!

The little jar of jelly sitting on top was the "leftovers" and will be enjoyed this evening as a topping for some Blue Bell ice cream... Yummy..........

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  1. Those pickles & jam (jelly as you call it) look delicious, wtg!

  2. i looove all of the pickles and jam!
    and i couldn't agree more with opting for buying a larger package of anything and "putting up" what you aren't using right away - it certainly adds to the preps! my hubby would looove the hot peppers!!!

    and we used to think that you were the Food Saver Queen...seems to me that you are now the Canning Queen!!! i'd love to have your jelly recipe!!!!