Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I didn't once even think about sitting in the house or even jumping on the computer.  Absolutely gorgeous with no clouds (of any kind) and a high of about 72.  After the storms from this weekend and all the nervous energy built up because of them I spent the entire day messing around outside.  We came through the weekend faring much better than many other folks here in Oklahoma did.  Somehow both of the major storms just skirted us here.  Living in the hills out here and being on the side of this hill I've noticed that many times  storms will kind of split and go around us from both sides or will veer off just past us. I keep telling Mars I think we are in some weird sort of Rain Shadow that moves most of the really bad stuff around us.   After the weather we DID get I am extremely grateful for that.  Somehow we came out pretty much unscathed with only some high winds and a lot of rain.  To say I was just a bit nervous is an understatement.  And that storm cellar?   Well it just got a few notches higher on the "list" of things that need to be done.
    Anyway, not wanting to waste beautiful weather like we are having now I spent the day doing outside "stuff".  These days it seems that if I can get out of having to do household things by doing outdoor things I'm all over it!  Even washing clothes is now considered an outdoor chore these days since the machine is in the barn and I hang out my clothes every chance I get. Then just in case I run out of things to do ( highly unlikely) there are always weeds to pull.  The rain boosted the garden tremendously but in doing so it also multiplied the weed production.
  Raggedy Anne, the hen who decided to finish up sitting on Mama Red's eggs, got off the nest and along with her came FOUR more chicks!  That brings the total to nine chicks, 4 hens, Randy  Rooster (get it?)  and of course Stew(art).   Very cool!  Now if Layla the Rabbit will just cooperate we should have some baby bunnies in a couple of weeks.  
  The swap meet/ farmer's market opens this weekend for the first time this year and I'm hoping to go and see what all they have.  Who knows, there might even be Goats there!  Not like we are really prepared for them yet but if for some reason..... well....  Anyway, it will give us something to do for the day.  I swear we haven't been away from here since last month and then (like every other month) it was into Little Big Town to hit the Feed Store and the Grocery stores.  
  We've been working on getting the rest of the garden ready to plant.  I still haven't put in the okra, some more squash, watermelons or cantaloupe.  Everything is growing great that's been planted so far.  We've even been harvesting lettuce already!  Now if we can just keep the dang bugs from eating every thing up.  They've already started too.   I made up a bug spray with garlic, cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers and dish soap and will be spraying that this afternoon.  I got the recipe from The Natural Gardener . Let's hope it works!
I'm going to pick up some more tomato and pepper plants this week since ours didn't really get started well.  I figure in a few days we'll have most everything planted.  YaY!!!!   Then if all goes well I'll be canning in a couple of months.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  And as for today.... second verse same as the first!!


  1. For whatever reason I've been procrastinating putting out the plants in the garden. Give me a swift kick to the rear, would ya?

    Goats, hugh? So, who's going to have to restrain whom when you see those cute little buggers at the swap meet???

  2. Congrats on EVERYTHING. Missing the weather, the chicks [awesome!] and the garden doing so well. I do remember last year. That is just fantastic. I hope that spray works well. I wouldn't know what to suggest, but I would think as a bug that wouldn't taste all that good. :)

    Keep up the great work and uh. . .can't wait to see pics of your "new" goats. giggle They're irresistible.

  3. Sci, I'm so glad to hear you had no problems with the tornadoes and storms rolling through Oklahoma. I would totally take advantage of this beautiful weather. Forget housework!!!! In fact, I'm on strike, lol. No house work, at least for a couple of days. I will be working out on the property tomorrow. Congrats on the chicks! R U really going to get goats? The farmers/flea market opened up two weeks ago, I think we will be hitting it this weekend in between working on the property. I want to pickup some asparagus from one of the famers and maybe can it and hubs wants to pickup some silver dimes and look at tools. Enjoy the outdoors girls! Catch you later :-)

  4. I'm certainly glad the bad stuff went around you! Don't wish that mess on anyone!

    I need to get busy on the garden here as well, although this year I'm going with more containers than ever on the patio!

    Good luck on the continued good weather!

  5. I love chicken stories. Glad to hear this one had a happy ending...or beginning I guess since they've just hatched.