Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WildBlue Sucks

Due to circumstances beyond my control we've been offline for the past week.  Once again I will repeat myself when I say WILDBLUE SUCKS.  I've never been so unhappy about an ISP as I've been with this company.  We have had nothing but problems since we signed up and the customer service is truly hit or miss.  Some "know the score" while others tend to treat you like a total idiot.  And honestly, after the past 7 months I've heard most every story they can lay on me. After awhile you get to know when you are getting BS stories or actual truth.   If I could be paid for the countless hours I've spent on the phone (and on hold) with this company I could afford to buy the goats we want to put out here.  I kid you not! LOL@ kid.  Unfortunately we can't just "dump" them and use someone else because ... wait for it... They roped us into a freakin' 12 month contract.  It seems I can't get out of it and so will have to suffer with these incompetent fools for a few more months.  I'm seriously thinking that our old air-card service would (and did) do a better job.  I suppose its my fault really.  I was so caught up into trying to save some money that I just jumped on their offer.  Now I'm regretting it again.  The problems we have had in no way  compensates for the $5.00 savings.  

Anyway... I'm back online and trying to catch up on all your blogs.  My connection isn't much better than dial-up though and so its taking quite a bit of time.  As I'm writing this I am waiting for the service tech to come out but I refuse to hold my breath as once again I've been stood up by them yesterday.  There isn't much I like less than to be told that someone will be out here between "12-2pm" or whatever and then they don't show.  So I sit here again waiting for someone to show up and this time I refuse to hold my breath.  Smurf Blue isn't my best color!
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  1. I can understand! Being in the boonies and getting decent service for internet sucks. We have HughesNet and it's "ok" but expensive. We're not close enough to something-or-other to get dsl. Ah well, I'll still take being here than in town. Hope it works out for you soon!

  2. I would think if the service is so poor you could cancel the contract, since they are not providing the service they promised in the contract. If you could escalate it [call center parlance for "get me a manager now"] you may be able to get out of it.

    I feel for you. I hope the tech shows up and you have a better connection soon.

    [When you wrote "WildBlue Sucks" in the title at first I thought you meant a fellow blogger and was perplexed because "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" couldn't piss off anyone. She's too nice. Whew. Sorry about the internet company, but glad it was them.]

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  4. Oh that was the service provider my Mom had a long time ago Oh gee, I wish you had someone else. I still get embarrassed when I think of it. They somehow don't ask me how gave her account to someone else. She didn't know so I was sending letters and photos to someone I thought was my Mom. I would ask her if she got such and such and she would say, " no I never did, this went on for awhile then out of the blue I get a nasty letter from someone with my Mom's address telling me enough was enough. I called my Mom and she said she had to find someplace else because of the poor service. So I can believe anything you say about that company.
    When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were tired of the wild life and I thought maybe something go your chickens or something if you have chickens. :) I have been reading things wrong all day. It could be I dropped my glasses.

  5. We had that garbage. It would work, slowly, and intermittently. When it would go out and I called, they would tell me the satellite is experiencing weather. I asked them how in the world a satellite 24,000 miles in elevation can have weather.

    Thank God we had wireless come to the area, so I could dump them. The penalty fee was worth it.

  6. I hope you get better service soon,I have also been having trouble with my provider too,and it sucks! Blessings Jane

  7. YES IT DOES and we are finally dropping our nasty WILDBLUE SUCKS internet. They keep putting us in the corner like bad children and we aren't going to take it any more (Isn't that a song?) anyway.... you can buy out. ask them what your buy out is. Is was quoted at $15. a month for us. We fortunately we have a local company that works with people to try and be in line of sight. They come out Tuesday and WILDBLUE can take their #$%#$^ and put it where the sun don't shine......sorry. It all gets me pretty riled up.
    Hope your day is better tomorrow
    peace n abundance,

  8. Hey Sweetie, Nice to see you back online. So sorry to hear you have a crappy internet service. Can you make an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau? Maybe as indicated by newmeicomtngirl, you can break your contract. It's worth at least checking further. Good Luck, I hope if your stuck with the service for the next several months that it gets better (at least for the time you have them).

  9. Hey Sci... Have you looked into Clear? I'm thinking of getting it just as a backup !

    If you go to their web page, they can tell you if it will work in your area!

    Just a thought!

  10. I totally understand. At our last house all we could get was and they we're horrible in all the same ways, ecpect they were very expensive for their junk service. Oddly enough, we are further out now, but we get DSL....I heard it because their is a rich community/subdivision up on our mountaintop and they are the ones that it was brought in for....who knows, and I have yet to go driving around looking for the land of weathly houses we've heard about....I can't afford the gas to go joy ridding like!! Anyway, I'm glad to see you back and hope that the service guy shows up and gets things working for you again! xo ~ michele

  11. Thanks to everyone for your awesome replies. I'm sorry I'm not able to answer them individually, but service is still spotty! I'm still working on getting this thing fixed and unfortunately "they" aren't being in the least bit helpful. Surprise surprise!! LOL
    I'll just try to keep on thinking positive thoughts and will make do with what I'm given to deal with. Don't count me out though... I don't give up easily!!
    Thank you all for stopping by and for all your encouragement. You guy's make my day! You really do!

  12. Here girl, maybe this will put it all in proper balance. Here is SFC responding to Wild Blue:


  13. We had WildBlue for about four years until our cable was bought by Reach Broadband and they put a repeater in the subdivision. Now we have 2MG download and can use VOIP.

    Our service wasn't too bad- interruption wize, but I could count the EVERY Thanksgiving week we'd be FAPPED. Every Thanksgiving week.
    Then we finally cancelled (so I thought) because my WB-mail went off and we stooped getting bills.

    I got a call from the local company rep that he was showing a tech how to hook-up my modem (back at the shop) and it was still active.
    I called them up and was told that I owed them $550 for the service I never got, AND that they wouldn't cancel it until I paid in full.

    So when you DO finally get away from them, make sure your service has been terminated. Call them about a month later and ask.

    Have you looked into wireless broadband? It's via radio waves (I think).

  14. Do you,perhaps, have cell phone service? We get our internet thru US Cellular now and it is grand. Fast little dealie we plug into usb port. Unlimited, never get kicked off. $60 a month that I gladly pay after years of only getting horribly slow dial-up. They gave us first month free plus a trial so see if it worked well enough in our rural area that we wanted to continue the service...can't beat that!

  15. I dislike them because EVERYTHING gets funneled through GOOgle. I kindly asked them: Would you please consider setting up a FREE 2gb mailbox on the Wildblue site that doesn't go through a web mail site. Okay, you're probably puzzled. Google is a big spy site that's profiling everyone. Kind of a "Big Brother" deal. They haven't answered me.
    If you like that mailbox idea (easier to set up your email program) would you PLEASE write to: these CEOs --- , Kelvin Yu at and Kevin hunter,Vice President of Operations, ...gonna use that special word again ... FREE

  16. I know how you feel they do suck, I have WildBlue & like you am stuck wih them for a few more Months, I love the lie the gave us at the beginning how we have Unlimited internet & only to find out that they don't even have it oh and I also love the fact that after we signed up with them we found out that they are OWNED by the GOVERNMENT so needless to say is I am already looking around for other services for my other laptops.

  17. Wildblue is crap. Have it because that is all that I could get in rural Litchfield MN. Just picked up a Verizon 4G LTE hotspot and now have broadband speeds and no overages for $50.00 per month. After six years called to cancel and was told I need to give 30 days notice and now have to pay $69.99 for June also! Can’t wait to take that piece of crap dish to the dump. Total waste of money. Oh ya, when you call be ready for the sales pitch for Excede. Another $300.00 install and 24 month contract. What a joke. Thank you Verizon!!!!

  18. It is a sad fact that there is no good alternative for rural use no broad band that actually provides the level of service that they promise when they have you sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract, it should be illegal but why should we expect anything from congress, they are too busy working on methods of controlling the internet, like SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA, All the while good people are getting bad service by large corporations that do not care about the customers they have.

  19. Just wondering if you all get placed on FAP more often than you get "normal speed" service. What an outfit this WildBlue is!!

  20. Yes, we got FAPped a few times the past two and a half years. Wildblue certainly does SUCK! I used their online calculator to determine usage and in reality we use about one fifth (or less) of what they claim we use. Terribly slow and intermittent connection and awful customer service. Past time to dump the crooked bastards.

  21. My letter to WB:

    I had been a Wildblue customer for 2 years, and did not have problems in
    general with the service, actually recommended it to others... until I
    tried to upgrade to Exede.

    I have been a corporate executive and also owned my own business for over
    25 years so I know sometimes those higher up are not completely aware of
    issues that arise at lower levels, so here is a synopsis of why I am no
    longer a customer of your services:

    -Ordered upgrade (requiring new dish and modem) in mid-November 2012

    -Nov. 14 First installer arrived at about 11:30 AM (He had phoned the night
    before saying he expected it would be around 8AM, but he was still within
    the schedule window). I was on the Internet without problems literally
    until he removed my dish. He attempted for 3 hours to adjust the dish,
    tried 4 new modems, ran a new line thorough my window in case the line was
    the problem and could not get it working. I actually had to let him use my
    laptop and explain how to force a page reload so his page would update
    properly each time he tried something else.

    Finally around 2:30 he and I spoke to your "tech" department and between
    them they decided perhaps all 4 modems were bad so since he had come from
    the Baltimore area (100+ miles from me) he arranged to meet another
    installer somewhere and get another modem to try, he said about 30 miles

    Meanwhile I had no Internet and I do some business on there so he went and
    put the old dish back and reconnected the original modem, but could not get
    them to work either. So he left, and I waited.

    -I waited until 5:30 but still heard nothing, Wildblue customer service
    told me the call was still open so he should be returning, they said they
    could not tell me anything else.

    -At 7:00 I phoned WB again to get a status update, who said they would
    contact the installer and have him call me back right away. (At this point
    I had decided I did not want to sign another 2 year contract with WB and
    just wanted my old service working).

    -At 7:30 still had not heard back (I was making sure my phone line was open except for calling WB)
    so I called again and I was told they would send a message to the installers and
    they would call me back.

    -At 8:10, still no call back, so I called WB again, was told maybe sales could help somehow so was
    transferred and after 20 min. on hold was disconnected (about the 5th time that had happened) and
    nobody evern returned the call.

    -At 9:30 Since nobody was calling me back and installer had not returned I called WB once more
    to find out my billing cycle. Was disconnected again with no return call.


    -Nov. 15 about 08:30, called WB cust. svc. to see what the status was and if anyone was
    going to do anything to get me back online. the agent made excuses, and was rude, telling me that
    things do not always go perfect. When I mentioned being disconnected so many times he
    commented "have you ever worked in a call center?". He transferred me to the tech department to
    change the call into a service call. I was not give any status update.

    So since I was a prisoner in my home the previous day because of WB I decided to go out to
    take care of a few errands. Around 9:30 I got a call on my answsering machine, it was an
    installer who said he was "on his way to my house". I didn't even know if/when anyone was
    coming. He also seemed unclear about the fact that this was no longer an upgrade but just an
    attempt to get my old service working. He arranged his schedule so he could come later in the day
    when I was home.

    He arrived around 7PM and worked on the dish and modem until about 8:30 with no luck, and of
    course he did not have a replacement modem of the type I had.

    I called WB tech and explained the situation and they told me that they could possibly get someone back
    here with another modem on Nov. 19, but that meant another sevetral days with no Internet so I