Friday, February 3, 2012

Seed Starter Methods

It's that time of year again!  Seed starting time for many of us. We can get some of our cool weather plants in the ground here, depending on the weather in about two weeks.  Exciting times! Anyway, I thought I would re-post this article to show you a few seed starting methods.  Of course there are many others but its a place to start getting your creative juices flowing! 
The following is a re-post from back in '10

There are lots of different methods to start your plants from seed. I wanted to share a few here with you. All of them work, and the choice is yours as to which method you like best. 

The first method I'd like to show you is the "Baggie" method. MMpaints @ Self Sustained Living shared this one with us on the forums last year.  This is my second year using this method and it works out well for me.

I like using peat pellets to start seed in.  You can pick these up at most any garden center.  They are relatively inexpensive and work quite well. You will need 5 items- 1. peat pellets 2. a shallow pan 3. ziplock baggies (the ones with pleated bottoms work best) 4. warm water 5. Seeds
Place your pellets in a shallow dish with warm water and let them soak for a few minutes until they expand fully.  Take them out of the dish and plant your seed in them. (one plant per pellet)  Place them in a zip-lock baggie and set them in a warm sunny window.  I have found that if you will put four pellets per bag they will stand more easily.

You should see results within a few days.  This creates a mini-greenhouse and eliminates the need for watering for awhile.
You can also make your own peat pots using paper towel or TP rolls.  Just cut them into sections and fold the bottoms up.  Then just fill with soil.  These are great because you are recycling and free! These will work with the baggie method as well.

Another easy way to start your plants is by using empty 2 liter soda bottles.  Cut the top half of the bottle off.  Poke holes in the bottom with section and fill with your soil mix.  Sew your seeds and cover with the  top of the bottle.  You may need to make a couple of cuts in the top half to get it to fit back on.
Now here is one that has me intrigued. I really want to try this one at home folks!  Ever considered using your egg shells to start seeds in?  This seems great on several levels to me. And talk about recycling and being bio-degradable!!!  Crack your egg from the top and save the shell.  Rinse it out and poke two or three holes in the bottom.

Fill with soil and sow your seed. You can place three in a 2 liter soda bottle or just set them back in the egg carton until they are ready to plant.   
Or just use the cardboard egg cartons and plant directly into them.

Ok, there you have it.  Some simple and effective ways to start your plants from "scratch"!  Let's get to sprouting!!!


  1. What a great idea I would not have thought to put the peat pellets in a zip lock bag and it would save on water and keep moist for ages. All the other ideas I have tried at sometime over the years.

  2. All of these are really great ideas,I wish I had some seed to plant!

    Blessings Jane

  3. Thanks for the reminders on different ways to start seeds! I also saw the post last year on the baggie greenhouses & used that method on some of my seedlings & it worked GREAT!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, I need to get my seeds started. Linked this on my blog.

  5. My biggest problem I have had in the past is with my evil spawn of satan cats always knock down my platts so THEY can lie in the sun and then play in the dirt. Having them in a bag would be a perfect solution for me!!! Love this!!! Doing this next year!