Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pump Fishing

     Once more I am amazed at how things have a way of working out.  And how the best laid plans sometimes fail to work out.  We had hoped to have the water on by this weekend.  Hey, it was a good plan, it just didn't quite work out that way.  
     We had everything laid out.  The pump is wired and ready to drop down the well. It is going in pretty easily until it hits something and will go no farther.  Hmmm... So back up comes the pump.            Something is down there and it's blocking the well shaft. So Mars ties a rope onto a rock bar and drops it into the well, hoping that maybe he can dislodge whatever it is.  So he's dropping it up and down and wouldn't you know it... He gets the rock bar lodged in there.  So both of us are thinking really bad thoughts.  You know, like OMG what are we going to do NOW?  Not only is there something down there that has to come up before anything else can be done, there is also a 30 pound rock bar stuck down there too!  Things are NOT looking good. 
      After messing with it for awhile he got it to move.  Not much but it did move.  Whatever was down there had to weigh a couple of hundred pounds.  And here he is with a small rope , knowing that if it breaks we are toast.  Neither of us said it out loud but we were both thinking of all the money some well service would ask to do the job.  Money we don't have. 
     I'll try and make a long story short but by now you should know I'm not very good at that.    By the end of the first day we had managed to get several feet back up the well.  And we could see a pipe down there.  So we figured we were dealing with a pump who's pipe had broken off and landed it all in the bottom of the well.  Mars called it a day and started trying to figure out just how to get the dang thing out of there and to do it more than a foot or so at a time.  I tell you the man is brilliant!            
Yesterday we managed to get about 60 or so feet of pipe and a well pump up and out of the well.  Somehow the rope that was attached to the well pump had created a perfect half hitch knot right above where the rock bar was tied to the rope. 
     I still don't know how that happened but I can tell you that the odds of hooking that dang pump by the rope and getting it up out of there are astronomical.  Once again the Man Upstairs was watching out for us.  There is NO other explanation I can even consider!  I wish I had taken a picture of it but at the time pictures were not on either of our minds.
     We had planned to get up this morning and finish wiring the pump and hooking up the pressure tank.  Then we would have water!  Well we got water this morning alright.  The thing is that it's not coming out of the well, it's coming out of the sky!  It has been storming and raining all day and it's probably not going to stop for a couple more days.  No sense in stressing out though.  Heck I think things are going really well.  We haven't had to call a Well Service yet and hopefully we won't!
      So we are still pretty much "camping out" and that's ok with me.  I picked up some paper plates and paper towels to cut down on washing dishes.  We've been using the BBQ pit for most of our meals the last couple of days.  Things are in total disarray in the RV.  So many things I either can't find or can't get to at the moment will just have to wait. 
     I actually pulled out my bread machine and am making some bread right now.  I bought a loaf the other day for the first time in I can't remember when. Almost $3.00 for a loaf of bread!!  Unbelievable!!  I knew there was a reason I had put the bread machine where I could get to it. I figure it will be a lot better than store bought and I don't have any real mess to clean up either!  
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  1. Sorry I'm a bit late, Congratulations on the property!!! What wonderful news, I am so happy for you! I look forward to watching your progress.

  2. Like you say, Sci ...there's no other explanation and I don't think Big Guy is gonna take you halfway there. That's just not His style. Be patient and keep fishing and you'll have well water soon enough.

    In the meantime, can you rig up something to capture some of that free Sky Water??

    : )

  3. Sounds like things are going good for you guys! I'm so glad. Well, other than all the rain. lol.

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to call the well guys! Maybe they good Lord will keep on watching out for you!

    The adventure continues!