Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planning for Cool Weather Crops

    While Mrs M and Bud were in Tulsa last week they picked up a new tiller! It's a beauty for sure....    Last year they loaned their garden tiller to their son so he could do some work in his garden. They have been talking about investing in a smaller one that  would be easier for Bud to handle.  His back is really bad so  the bigger one tends to try and beat him up a bit. Their grandson was awesome and delivered it to them on Saturday!  It's funny how you can look at something like a tiller and see a thing of beauty.  A shiny red Troy-bilt!  It IS that pretty.

     Of course now a little more garden space is planned. This year, bigger IS better.  We've gotta get all that dang bermuda grass out though... lots of work and I'm sure it's going to be a never-ending task this summer. Especially with it being the first time anything other than grass has been grown on it. Mars and Mrs M have been talking.  After looking over the results from the soil sample they know what has to be done to the dirt now.   She sent him down to the feed store to pick up some cotton seed meal for the garden and he's got it tilled in now.  The compost pile is out there resting and soon will be turned into the soil.

     Since  Mars got the heater going it's quite comfy in the greenhouse. I can't believe that the jalapeno peppers are still hanging in there after being dug up and potted this fall.   There are still a few peppers on them too.  They are starting to sprout some new leaves so I'm curious to see if they hang on and start producing again this spring.  We are also still eating fresh green onions.  Mrs M has this big "clump" that she taught me to "pick out" with a chop stick and replant. That way there are always green onions growing.

    We started some Roma tomato's a couple of days ago.  I've had the seeds just laying around for probably 3-4 years now.  I don't know if they will germinate or not but by gosh we are gonna find out!!   They don't actually get to go out into the garden until the middle of April but that's only about 11 weeks away.  Hopefully we will have some nice starters to go out there!!

    I've been reading up on gardening in this part of the country.  I think that most every state has an agricultural extension office that can help with all sorts of questions you might have.  Look them up.  They are in business for you.  Around here its about time for starting some of the plants.  Come the middle of February we can start planting out in the garden.  I feel like starting a count-down! 

    Guys, seriously, if you haven't already started growing your own vegetables I really would like to know why.  With food costs going thru the roof and even the main stream media talking about coming food shortages you have no excuse not to try.  I know I've said it over and over but ANYONE can grow at least some of their foods.   How about incorporating some vegetables into your flower bed this year?  Heck if it were me I would probably just rip  it out and plant stuff but that's another story. Plant some lettuce or some Swiss chard in there with your flowers.  There are some beautiful varieties that would be a nice addition to your yard. As a matter of fact there are lots of vegetables that make pretty plants.  And the best part is... you can eat them.   See, no excuses!

    Even if you were to only plant a tomato plant and some lettuce, you would have the start of some really nice salads for months to come. Besides, you don't really want to only read about how wonderful everything tastes do you?   ;o) 
   I will probably bore everyone to death because lots of garden posts and recipes will be sure to be found here over the next several months. Stay tuned... or better yet.... start planning and planting!
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  1. I loved this post! all that talk of gardening, can't wait myself, but is a lot of work. But if everything grows good, well worth the effort.I will follow your blog if i find your button. Blessings jane

  2. I started my seeds this week (well some of them). I also read that tomato seeds can last years and years. Apparently tomato seeds are very hardy I know I sprouted some that were over four years old last season.

  3. you are invited to follow my blog

  4. Recently read that sweet peppers can live and produce for up to 5 years - didn't mention hot peppers. We're in SW FL and my 4 peppers are in their 2nd year of producing. They are in pots and get moved close to the house and covered with old sheets to survive our frosts - so far have survived 2010's January 2 weeks of frosts and very cold weather and 2011's January 2 nights of frost. Have lots of blossoms and pepper starts. Should give us 2-3 peppers a week. Sure beats the $2.49/lb price at the store.

  5. Jane - You are right about it being work, but it is some of the most rewarding work I can think of! Thanks for bringing my attention to the "Follow" button. I didn't realize I had "buried" it so far down the page. Its fixed now!

    Pioneer Preppy - You know if you are right then I'm a happy camper and won't have to purchase any more Roma seeds.

    Steve- Thank you!

    Bellen- That is some great information. And you are so right about the price of peppers at the store.
    Remember that prices won't ever be as good as they are now, they can and will only grow higher.