Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let the Adventure Begin

I didn't think we would ever make it out of Central Texas but it's done now!    Getting out of the city, away from the hustle and bustle, the noise and the traffic.... all behind us now. Let the adventure begin!

We made it to Oklahoma and met the Pioneer Living folks. They invited us up to visit with them awhile and lend a hand on the homestead. We took them up on the offer.  They have a really nice place out in the middle of BFE.  Which is way off the beaten path for those that don't know :)
There are huge garden areas here with super sandy loam.  Chickens and rabbits as well.  They even recently were given a horse! 
  John met us at the gate on his ATV and guided us to a spot to park the RV.  What a nice family!
Carrie made a great dinner for us on our first night here .  Taco soup with tortilla chips topped with sour cream and cheese.  Yummy!  John brought out a jar of caynne peppers he had put up last summer.  He used a bread and butter mix instead of the standard vinegar.  I have to say I think he is on to something. The peppers were spicey with a hint of sweet.  I definately want to get his recipe (actually its Carrie's recipe) and do some experimenting.  I am thinking that jalapeno's would be pretty good put up like that.

We have been getting settled into the RV and trying to make it "home".  Mars has been really busy doing man stuff around here and things are coming along nicely.  Today he and John are out working on planting something.... potato's and carrots I think.  

Yesterday, John made homemade dough-nuts and sent some over to us via his sweet nine year old daughter, the Flower Girl.  Those were some darn good dough-nuts I have to tell you!

So we are safe and sound and life is good!

Today's first  photo is courtesy of the Flower Girl.  She brought them  over to us yesterday.


  1. Wow! What an adventure you have undertaken, I am so in awe that you set out in search of the life you want. It sounds like you have made a nice first stop and will learn so much from the folks at Pioneer Living. Keep us posted.

  2. Glad to hear y'all made it, and are settling in nicely. Miss ya over at the chat Sci (it's kinda going to the dogs). Take care, and tell the Pioneers I said howdy!

  3. Hey Sci~
    I was so happy to see you in chat last night. :) I am glad you made it to the first stop on your journey in one piece. Boy those donuts sure look good.

    Looking forward to more stories and pictures. Take Care and check in when you can.


  4. Well it sounds like you have made a great start! Enjoy each day and the new things it will bring. I hope you end up in North Arkansas so we can visit when me and the wife go fishing. FK

  5. Wow, Awesome adventure! Glad you got a chance to Meet John and Carrie

  6. What pretty flowers! Sounds like you guys are in a good place.

  7. Super cool update. (Somehow, I missed the one where you were loading up stuff and arranging the storeroom. Must have been doing homework :-))

    I hope you don't get too busy with your new life that you can't keep us posted. I need to live vicariously, girl!!

  8. A new adventure is always fun. Keep us posted.

    See Ya.

  9. Laura, I am sure I will learn tons of new stuff here. And I promise to keep you posted as best I can.
    May'b I will be sure to pass your howdy on! See you in chat some evening soon!
    Fel, those dough-nuts were awesome. Can you tell they were glazed? yummmmy
    FatKat I would be proud to go fishing with you guys...and might just take you up on it out of the blue. Ask the folks at Pioneer Living...LOL
    Thanks for stopping in Tom.. J&C are great aren't they!
    Wendy, thanks...wasn't that sweet of the Flower Girl!
    Ginger, I'm here for ya girlfriend and will do my best not to disappoint either of us!!
    Tony, my friend, You know that one first hand! Thanks for stopping in.

  10. congrats Sci - it sounds like you are having a blast!!! and flowers and donuts - does it get any better? i think not!!!

    i am sooo happy for you!!!