Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why Not Can

I can't believe I forgot about the pears I bought on Friday.  I was planning on canning them over the weekend.  One thing led to another and somehow it just slipped my mind.  Until today.  
That was when the DH (forever after dubbed Mars- old gameroom nickname).  Well he asked me when he came home from work today what was I going to do with the pears. 

Once I looked at them I was sad to see that they were over ripe and I probably lost two pounds easily.  The original plan was to can them in syrup.  Now the pan has changed just a bit.  I have pears in the slowcooker to make pear butter with.  See, everything works out, if only you try thinking a little out of the box.  Bacon and Eggs right?


I've been doing some thinking lately about trying to start a part time business.  A good friend put a bug in my ear this weekend.  I have been thinking about it ALOT.  Actually, it had crossed my mind a few times before.  But she is so sure I can do this that her enthusiasm has actually inspired me.  I ran it through a few others in the APN chat the other night and got amazing responses.

We both follow the Frugal Canning. I didn't know that before!  She's got a great site and alot of good information.  She also gives private canning lessons. 

Why couldn't I do that?  I feel confident enough now to be able to can most anything. I've made a point in the last few months to become as proficient as I can be at it.  My fear factor is gone (well I haven't canned meat yet) and I have done alot of research to make sure that I won't kill anyone or make them sick! 

Teaching a few people to put up pickles or jelly or tomato's would be a breeze.  And it would be fun too!  I could really hit home with the "whys" of food storage as well.  Offer other classes as well for pressure canning and dehydrating?  Sing the praises of being prepared for anything!  Shed a little light and a little knowledge.

Why Not Can!


  1. Good for you, Sci! Too bad you lost a few of the pears, but making pear butter is the perfect solution. Great idea!

  2. Good for you Sci! ya know I'm rootin' for ya!