Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest Post

    Hi everyone!
 Dean in Az here,sharing a few idea's with the bbq lover's!
  Just to give a little bit of my background,I worked my way thru college in restaurant's,mostly bbq,as I love it
     That being said,most of the bbq cooking show's I see disgust me!
 "take a rack of rib's,dry rub,throw on fire".....God,gag me!
  Now, I was a head cook in a major midwestern restaurant thru college.That was 30 yr's ago.
   One thing I learned was that the tougher the meat,the slower you cook it.And steam was the best,as it surround's the meat evenly,without drying it.
      My wife and I took my parent's out for they're anniversary,to Tony Roma's..the best BBQ joint,right?
    I about barfed! If you have to chew the meat off the bone,it's not cooked!!!!! Really,as a half azz cook,I was embarassed! I ordered some carolina sweet rib's or such....sorry,my dog's don't chew they're food that much! It was really embarassing!
      So,let's do BBQ right!
     First off,most people think BBQ is meat smothered in sauce...WRONG! It's all flavor! If you need the urge to chew,make jerky!
     My rib's fall off the fact,it's difficult to even pick up with tong's,done properly!It should fall off the bone! Yes,you hear that all the time,right,it never will on a open flame.
     So,I'm going to share my fav recipe.Sci,I hope you try this before posting,to confirm it!
     Pork rib',no prob
    1 can of fruit cocktail,or 2,depending on how much rib's
    1 large bottle of your fav bbq sauce
     Drain the can of fruit...I prefer fruit cocktail,but peach or pear's work as well.Mix half and half the juice with bbq sauce,use as a marinade.Save the fruit for later.
     Marinade as long as possible,as the acid in the fruit will cook the meat.3
    When it's time to cook,ooop' time is about 1 to 1 1/2 hour's,put into a deep pan,with a veggie steamer tray,add a couple cup's of water,then cover with a tight fitting lid,or foil.Stack the rib's alternating,so the steam can circulate around.After about an hour,add the fruit over the top,and let it soak in.If you can't pull a bone out as clean as a whistle,it's not done!
   Now,if you want to do this as a party or a meal....serve over a pork fried rice,or an asian noodle dish. Have the rest of the marinade warmed up for more sauce,if needed.
   Sci,let me know what you think,I have another idea waiting!
    Dean in Az

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