Monday, July 20, 2009


I lost my best friend last August. I should say our best friend as he and DH were really tight. He would have been 54 today. So we came together this evening and celebrated his life and the day of his birth. He was always quite proud that Man walked on the moon on his birthday....always thought that was did I.
We both were into country music and the history behind songs and such. Who recorded it first, which made more money, who covered a song and made it better. Music.
Not just the music...but the artists and their stories and all. I play guitar and sing a little bit and have always been a fan. Kerry tested my "knowledge". I will actually admit that I didn't know that Freddy Fender was the lead singer in The Texas Tornado's. ( I lost twenty bucks and a six pack on that bet)
The man couldn't sing a lick or play any instrument. He did however have a vast amount of knowledge about music and the people who brought it to us. We used to have a running Jeopardy game thing going on. When a song would come on.....usually something obscure..... we would bait one another till one of us got the answer right. Lot's of fun and something I never ever thought I would look back on as a "memory". Funny how life deals ya twists and turns. So tonite, I raise a glass to my friend, and say...... Happy Birthday My Friend!

(oh and Willie DID do that song first!)


  1. and a Happy Birthday from me to your friend! that is really cool that he was born on such an important, historic event.
    but what's that saying "only the good die young?"
    he sounds like he was a good friend who kept you on your toes and you sound like you did good by him tonight!

  2. SciFi,

    Let me join Kymber in saying Happy Birthday to your friend, Kerry.

    I also agree that it seems "Only the Good Die Young"

    It sounds like you two had a special bond and I am sorry for your loss, Sci.

    You posted a great tribute to your friend tonight.

    Hugs to you my friend,

  3. SciFi,
    Here's a glass to your friend. Musta been a hell of a guy to have made such an impression. Hopefully, that's what we all hope to achieve, a lasting memory in those we've touched.

  4. Thank you each and every one for your kind words.He is sorely missed.