Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Potato In A Bag Experiment

Well I suppose it is about time to give the bad news. My potato's didn't make it. We had set out to try growing potaoto's in nylon dog food bags. Something DH had read somewhere. It was working great, the potato's growing just fine till they just kind of stalled out. Oh we figured it out, what went wrong I mean. If you will look closely at the pictures posted on this site you too might figure out the killer of the potatoes. Unfortunately we figured it out a little bit late. Do you see that black plastic under the bags? Makes it almost impossible for drainage in the bags. We ended up with mud in the bottom of the bags and ants starting on the top of the soil. Live and learn. My neighbor on the other hand used the same method for her potato's and they are kicking butt. Strong and healthy. So I suppose in a way the experiment is still ongoing. My poor little test subjects didn't make it though. Chalk one up to experience.
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  1. OH NO!!!! i am super sorry to hear this!!!

    are you going to start new ones? you still have plenty of time...and if you don't have any more bags for the potatoes, go to the local garage and get a couple of FREE can have a bunch of yummy potatoes to harvest by mid-end August...

  2. Well, dang! Good thing is that you learned. Now, empty those bags of the rot, punch in some drainage holes and you can replant! Where you are, there is plenty of time to do this.

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry about your potatoes.

    But, like Kymber and HerbalPagan said, it's not to late to try again.

    Good Luck with the next batch. :)


  4. Hang in there sci, all my taters died off on me too and I'm good at this! I thought it was hill shock but I dug a dead hill and it's all rotten so too much rain killed mine.

  5. Thanks for all the concern guys! I have some sets about ready to go again. I'm not giving up....just a little bump in the road is all. You can bet this time I won't be setting them on the plastic this time!