Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Week Flew By

Another week has come and gone. It's funny how they go so much faster now than they did when I was a kid. Remember how a week seemed like an eternity? Now they flash by with a blink of the eye.

We got the first of the canteloupes this week. The flavor is AMAZING! I hope they will kind of space themselves out so we have a chance to enjoy them. I have a backup plan if they start coming in to fast though! I will pop them in the dehydrator if push comes to shove. Mmmm, canteloupe candies!

The picture here are the garden's gifts from the last few days. Not a bad week. I have a load of squash in the dehydrator right now. And my trusty $4.00 bread maker is in the process of making some Chili Bread. This is the first time I've tried it so we shall see how it comes out. I found the recipe on . I love that site. There are tons of great recipies there.

I was going to can tomato's today but I am afraid I will run out of propane. Note to self- We need propane. I might get brave and try dehydrating some tomato's. So if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or tricks please be kind enough to share them with me.

I did dehydrate a load of strawberries yesterday. They were on sale and I have a new toy so I just couldn't resist! LOL

I found a couple of really good deals this week at the grocery store. I love the markdown cart!! I found 6 cans of buttermilk powder marked down to $1.50 a can and the dates still two years out. I got them all as I can and do use it in some of my bread's. I just couldn't pass that one up. There was also pasta marked down to $0.40 lb I took all ten pounds! Another good addition to my food storage. The funniest part though was that I had Alfredo Sauce on my list (quick and easy dinner) so I picked up the sauce and low and behold there was a coupon for a free pound of pasta with the purchase of the Alfredo Sauce.
The kitten's all have their eyes open and are sure to emerge from under the trailer soon. I love baby kitties! They are sooo fun.
I will post some kitty pics when they wander out!
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  1. I'm jealous, we wont get to enjoy our harvest for a few more months.

  2. Looking good sci fi, I love it when I can enjoy the fruits of our labor!!