Friday, May 15, 2009

On the Back Porch

Sitting out this evening, watching the garden grow, I found myself wandering down memory lane.

I was taken back to the times as a kid when the first things started coming in from the garden. The excitement that a kid has for something new. The first beans coming in were wonderful. I remember the first cantaloupe of the season was almost like a mini party! It would be sliced and ice cold and the best dessert in the world to us kids.
Mind you I am talking about spring firsts. The strawberries finally coming in (it seemed they always took forever!) The first strawberry shortcake. Sigh!

We are now actually harvesting the first raddish from the garden. The first of the spinach is sooo tasty. Oh and the first squash has been picked and fried as is appropriate in the south! And the first of the beans are now bubbling on the stove with a bit of bacon and some onions.
Back when I was a kid I used to get so excited bout the spring firsts and I still do!

You still weren't thinking about how many evenings would be spent later in the summer with a pot full of peas to be shelled or corn to be husked. But that time was always spent sitting with the family. We had some wonderful talks out there . I learned alot about life on that back porch.
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  1. Yes I agree. These gardens sure do bring us for a ride down memory lane. :)