Saturday, October 5, 2013

Checking In

I've been feeling an urgency to get things lined out and double checked.  I'm not sure if it's because of the state of the Nation or just a natural instinct to get ready for the coming months.  Either way I've been staying busy around here.  With the internet throttled almost to a halt, I've pretty much taken a break from it for awhile.  It's frustrating. And honestly? I just don't need that frustration right now.  I'd like to post some pictures but trying to upload them to blogger takes more time than I've got.  I'll be back to my old "surfing" self soon and until then I'll do what I can to post here more regularly.

I picked up the new rabbits last week.    I brought home  one proven doe and one 10 month old.  I also got a younger one.  I hope I've made the right decision.  Now to see if we can finally get some rabbit things going. The Rabbit Lady assured me that if I had any problems that she would gladly breed them to one of her bucks. 

The garden is still producing some.  All the peppers are still blooming and producing.  Next year I'll scale back on the hot peppers.  Mars can only eat so many and the neighbors, (who love peppers) can't keep up either!  I've got some seriously hot habernero type peppers. Unfortunately the markers faded and I'm not sure of all the names. I'm going to dry some of them specifically for a hot pepper seasoning powder.  It should be good!  I think the tomatoes are just about done but I could be wrong.  They are starting to bloom again and the lower nighttime temps have been good for them.  We'll see how it goes.  The yellow squash is still doing well.  I saw a couple of those $#*@ squash bugs the other day and thoroughly enjoyed offing them.  Mars put out some more Eight around the bottom of the plants and so far it still seems to be working.  A couple of months ago when he planted the squash he also planted some butternut squash and what he thought was another type of squash.  Turns out it was pumpkin seed!  I'm really excited about that.  I've never grown pumpkin before!!!

 Lessons learned this year were huge ones.  One thing I absolutely MUST do is to keep a garden journal.  I try to get things all marked but have been seriously lacking in journaling what's going on.  Mars came up with what I thought was an excellent idea.  He's going to build me a box. (Think mailbox) I'll keep my notebook and pens out there.  I'm pretty sure if I had some place convenient to keep them, rather than trying to remember everything I did once I get in the house in the evening, I just might have better luck with keeping a garden log.  We'll see though, right?  hehehe

We've got our first cold spell of the season this weekend. I figure once the rain clears up later today it should be pretty nice. Highs are supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. Lows in the 40's means it's time to start thinking about digging out the long sleeve shirts again. 

I think I'm going into blogger buddy withdrawals.  I've not been able to read much of anyone's blogs and I think I miss that as much as anything. This is such a neat time of the year and I feel like I'm missing all the good stuff!  No worries, I'll try to catch up as I can, I'll just have to forgo the comments for awhile.


  1. I am SO sticking with "safe blogs" for the rest of my blogging life. The readers at my peaceful blog are kind and loving. They aren't looking for the first word to trigger their "jump and kill" reactions.

    I can't understand the NEED to be so aggressive. This is a soft place to land, just as my blog is. And that is ALL we need to remain sane and emotionally grounded.

  2. Thanks for checking in. It's good to hear all is well except for the internet woes. I look forward to hearing more from you.


  3. SCI,

    I knew you were going to go for some more rabbits. I hope these produce for you :-)

    Your tomatoes will probably produce more, mine are flowering again. I've pulled off about 50 small cherry tomatoes the other day. I think you'll have enough peppers this year to last you a life time, lol......
    My pepper jam I used came out pretty good, I put some on cream cheese and served it with crackers.

    Now tell Mars that is a wonderful idea, making the box outside for your garden journal. It's great to have immediate access to your garden journal while working in the garden.
    Please make a post when he's done making your mailbox for the garden. I may have to get Bulldog Man to do something similar.

    Sending hugs to the both of you.

  4. Well I finished last week when I canned my kraut.The week before was muscadine jelly. There are still a few tomatoes around,but we are eating those.Right now I'm having possum problems.I've caught one but there is another one killing chickens. But I'll catch him too.
    I think maybe,you planted too many peppers....LOL. Better dry them we don't know what next years growing season has for us!!! Did you save some of the melon seeds? I bet you did!!
    I'll see you when you slow down. Donna

  5. I dried cayenne peppers one year and made pepper. I was so pleased and proud, except that I don't eat hot anything. I can eat pepper jelly on cream cheese and crackers! I could make a meal of that deliciousness.

  6. i gave up trying to keep a journal. i just take my digital camera with me. i take a pic of where i'm working and what i'm planting. then its easy to go back and see what went where. easy peasy! :-)

  7. OK, not sure what happened there, you might have another comment with just a few words (I hit the wrong button). Anyway. We will be around when you're ready. Everyone needs a break and the blog can be a large bit of time. If not for days in hotels where I can write a2 or 3 short posts in one evening (it's either that or watch ESPN Monster Truck Circus on TV) I'd not post as often as I do, and daily reading of others is pretty much impossible. But it's good to hear you're hanging in there with the garden and the rabbits and all.

  8. Please forgive me not answering ieach of individually The slowness of my connection makes it almost painful.

    Lotta Joy, I know what you mean about the aggressive nature of some folks. Personally I think we are all better off just leaving them behind. I'm glad you have found another "soft" place to land. You're welcome to hang out here anytime ya want. (There are cookies in the jar and hot coffee in the pot. Kick your shoes off and relax a bit)

    Fern, Thanks for stopping by. Wanna hear something funny? Mars was looking up recipes for squash and landed on your blog. He showed it to me and I was like"Wow! I follow her blog!"

    Sandy, I'm hoping we get some fruit set before the cold temps kick in. Oh! My heirloom tomatoes are FINALLY giving me tomatoes. It seems they got a really slow start though like yours. Don't you just LOVE pepper jelly? So yummy! And yeah, I am going to have to re-think how many peppers to plant next year.
    I'll try to take some pictures of the "mailbox" when he gets it done. I thought it was an excellent idea. and might just actually help me keep records . Give Bulldog Man a hug for me...Oh, I've got a question I need to ask him. I'll call you later. Have a Super Day!

    Linda, you made me giggle when you said "except that I don't eat hot anything." I don't do much hot myself but I've sure been making all sorts of things with them. I even made some pepper jelly using habernero's. I was scared to even try it at first but it's nothing like raw ones. Thanks for stopping by and please forgive the slow response time. I've been locked out of my own blog for several days. Just now getting it figured out. Have a Super Day!!

    OhioFarmgirl that's a brilliant idea. Do you labele your photos? Do you make a list of where everything is planted? Maybe I could combine both the journal and the photos. I like that idea! Thanks!

    Donna, I've never made kraut. Neither of us like the stuff that comes in jars and canned in the stores. I'm willing to bet that homemade must be so much better. I want to try and make some next year. Of course I have to get the dang cabbage to actually grow first! As for the melon seed... Heck yeah I saved some!! I think they are my new favorite melon. Thanks again for that!!

    Brigid, It is pretty amazing how much time does go into blogging. I've tried to do multiple posts and just schedule them but I'm lazy I guess. If I know I've got a couple of "extra" posts I'm bad about not writing more until they've all been posted. lol I'm terrible about it. Yeah I'm pretty sure if I were stuck in a hotel with ESPN Monster Trucks I'd have more motivation to write too!

  9. Sorry the internet is giving you so much grief. Thanks for sticking it out long enough to give us an update.