Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Barn Progress

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the progress on the barn.  This is what we started with.  Not real impressive is it?  Good thing we have vision and some fairly good "bones" (as HossBoss pointed out once).  
I can't find all the pictures I wanted to show you but I was able to find a couple of work "in progress". 

 It looks like I'll have to try and get a better picture of "the whole thing. To the left is the enclosed part of the barn which will be one 20'x 24' enclosed area. Behind where the truck is parked will eventually be the goat pens. We will have enough room to pull the truck in out of the weather in front of the goat pen. To the right (where that old tin is) is where the chicken coop is being built.  

There was my clothesline, between those two dead cedar trees. 
 And here is my "new clothesline" where the corner posts for the chicken coop came from! After cutting down the tops of the trees for the posts Mars cut up the bigger branches into firewood for the wood stove that we have moved out into the man-cave barn.  Of course there were all sorts of branches that go to yet another burn pile.  One evening when the wind stops blowing we will have another bonfire.
The start of the coop here.
It's really hard to see but that open area on the top has chicken wire on it. Why you ask?  The front of the barn faces south and with our hot summers it will give the chickens some breeze relief.  There will be a removable "storm window" for the winter months.
And so, work progresses. I didn't have any idea what he had in mind but I knew that whatever it was it would be nice.  Now that this part has been done we can finish up the rest of the outer walls on the barn.  
Those pallets in the foreground are going to be used to set things that  need to go into storage on since the barn has a dirt floor.  We have been picking up free pallets from our local lumber yard. The "yard guy" there has been saving them for us.  They will also come in handy for several other projects that we have in mind but that's a bit farther down the road.  
So there ya go!  I'll add more pictures as the work progresses. Of course there are all sorts of other projects going on as well and we were able to pick up the materials for installing electricity and water to the barn, as well as insulation for the well pump and exposed water lines. (Thanks so much Anne <3 )  
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  1. Wow! What a difference. I bet the animals will love it.

  2. You've made some fine progress. Good for you.

  3. Making good progress on the barn, it looks like! Sure am enjoying following your progress through the pictures.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Awesooome!!
    You guys are doing a great job and what a difference a little elbow grease and tender lovin' care makes.

    Like Uncle Hermit said and what I told Kymber and Jamba, I love being able to keep up with y'alls progress through pictures.

    Hugs & Love
    (who can't wait to see pictures of the first goat in the pen.) :D

  5. That's going to be an awesome barn!


    me and jambaloney are killing ourselves laughing looking at the pic of the "original" barn - i can't believe what Mars has done to it! tell him how impressed we are - THAT is an accomplishment!

    i'm with Fel - i can't wait to see the first goat. i'm sooo jealous but soo happy for you guys.

    oh and i love pics. take tons. and don't lose that cord thingy again. i want to see pics of all of your land. and the RV. i want to know what you guys are up to.

    and one last time - BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! i really can't believe what Mars was able to do! it's amazing!

    your friend,

  7. holy smokes!!!

    i DID laugh my ass off when i saw the first pic... there are fixer-uppers and then there is, well....THAT!

    my god you have done well, triple kudos to you both!

  8. Like jambaloney said. You pulled it off and it looks great. Good job. Now fill it with animals.

  9. Don't know what to say....just...amazing!!! Great job and it's nice to see photos again! :)
    Yeah....keep that thingy in a safe place, will ya? :)

  10. You guys have worked WONDERS, Sci. Yeah, I said the barn had 'good bones' but I think when I said that I was just going off your description of the barn. Now that I've seen a picture of the original barn, I would describe it more as a good 'sketch' of a barn.

    But you guys have worked wonders, it looks GREAT! HIGH FIVE, THUMBS UP, WOOO-WHOOOOOOO!! I'm proud of ya!

  11. Great progress you're making there! You and Mars deserve a pat on the back for what you are accoplishing.

  12. MDR, just as soon as I find out I'll let ya know!

    Stephen,that means alot. Especially coming from you.

    Jim, Thank you so much. I promise to try to keep ya'll in the loop. Thanks for stopping by. You've always been one of the folks I was sure would "get" it!

    LOL Fel! Trust me, you will be one of the first to see the goat pics.. Love ya girly and thanks for your kind words.

    IanH aint it just gonna be spectacular?

    Kymber and Jamb.. you guys had me and Mars doing the "Dayum, thats funny" thing. I just love you guys! Oh and Jambers... Mars almost teared up when I read him what you wrote! Gotta love it! Cause you are right.,, There is that and then there is THAT! Bless ya both!

    Dizzy, thanks and heaven knows we are gonna do our best.

    Pohl.... LOL!!!!

    HB its amazing isn't it? Who would have thunk it?

    Coley, thank you ma'am!

    Mama Bear, I'll take that pat on the back... oh and Mars says a cold beer will work too!