Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All We Can Do...

I've been doing some thinking lately.  No! Wait!  Stop laughing!  I do it occasionally and contrary to popular belief , it doesn't hurt all that bad.  Oh who am I kidding, it hurts alot!
When I started writing this I had no intention of going off on a rant.  The best laid  intentions and all that....

Like most everyone else I have been watching what is happening here on the home front.  Folks, it's not looking to good.  You would have to be blind not to see it. The ponzi scheme we call modern banking is finally coming to an end. It is only a matter of time before our dollar is worthless. We have a good start on it now!  Our money buys less and less and the cost of living takes more and more. Poverty is on the rise. We have shipped our jobs overseas and they are not coming back. 

Our civil liberties have been  dismantled and stomped all over.  Our food is being genetically altered to the point that it is becoming  unsafe to eat. And if that isn't bad enough the price of that poisonous food is increasing daily.  

People who worked their entire lives paying into Social Security are now being told that their money will be taken from them in order to pay down the debts that the government has placed on their shoulders. If that isn't bad enough it is now being called an "entitlement".  As if they should somehow be ashamed to receive what is owed to them.  And yes I said OWED.  

The main focus of this blog has always been about self- sufficiency. About following dreams and hoping to make them realities. Prepping isn't just about making sure you have all the "cool" toys and do dad's. It is about having the things you need to live a life with as little intervention from others as you can.  Being prepared for the things that come your way. 

Since money for physical preps as been nearly nonexistent lately, I've been trying to follow my own advice.  I've been doing a lot of reading.  Learning about things that I hope will help us when we move out to "the land". I'm trying to gain more knowledge.  I've been reading up on chickens and rabbits again . Making lists, trying to stay busy.   I don't know how much time we have but I want to do as much as possible to be self reliant in as little time as possible.

  I've been hearing alot of folks worrying about the way the world is falling apart.  There may not be much time left before the proverbial S hits the Fan.  All we can do is to be as ready as we can.  The level of stress  so many folks feel  under these days is tremendous. It seems that almost everyone I talk to feels like something is about to break wide open.  A finger can't be laid on anything specific, just a general feeling of unease.  I personally am going to try to keep the stress to a minimum. My stressing about it sure isn't going to make anything better.   As someone said  "All we can do is all we can do.
                        ~~~  Hey I'm Just Sayin' ...~~~


  1. Our time is getting very short!!!!!

  2. I agree with you 100%... But there are so many people that are clueless.. They don't get it. I have told so many people what is going on and they just sit there saying I am nuts..And guess what?? They will be the first ones crying.. Well my motto is "you rest you rust" We have prepared as much as we can.. We don't have alot of land and we are using every bit we can to grow our own food..I wish I could have chickens... but can't as we are with in city limits.. I can not store flour and ect.. but have some..We will probably become full fledged vegetarians. We have fishing gear and ect.. I am worried about the future but yet I do know God will provide for those who prepare... it is all through out the Bible to prepare...Lisa

  3. I remember someone(a economic doomsdayer, of course*wink*) saying before we knew it we'd be hearing two words; To Late! that's been on my mind when thinking of family and friends who refused to listen and instead act as if we are weird or something. You know what, now many of them are saying,"You were right about a lot of things and I'm sorry" Of course, some of them also feel somehow they are "entitled" to what we've scrimped and scrounged for too! Let me assure you, we will help those who are willing to help out in hard times, those who think they are going to come and take it, well.... "To Late" and you'd better be prepared to hear it! I hope this doesn't come off as mean or vindictive, I just get tired of others thinking they can do as they please and when TSHTF comes, they are somehow entitled to what we worked hard for. I hope this makes sense.

  4. It aint enough just to do all we can do. Just doing that leaves a feeling like I could do more but if we all banned together to do more, then the Government would call us terrorist and mow our families down and burn our houses. It is sick and disgusting on how we are treated like ignorant sheep happy to follow the bread crumbs.
    We the people have let this happen. That is who you can point the finger too.

  5. Glad I ain't starting out in life as a young'n at this time. Not too bad a time to be old, (grin).

  6. Your way ahead of most people on being self reliant. I am on Social Security and have watched my dollar buy less and less for years. I paid into SS for 40 years and they are taking from SS while the Corporate Welfare continues..It can not continue that's for sure...hang a politician's and eat the rich!

  7. I was relaxing for a bit...and then last weekend that "unease" caught me again. I suppose it is better for us to be uneasy and aware than cautious and unaware.

    Stay strong honey...

  8. I like your even keeled, honest approach to this. You aren't blaming anyone, as we can't - we could go back years and years and say "this politician did this" or "politician did that" - and you just realize the reality and work from there instead of pointing a finger.

    No one can count on anyone and we all need to look out for ourselves. I know my friends and neighbors are there, but in the long run it is up to ourselves.

  9. I'm glad that there are others out there that have a strong anxious feeling! I know that I trust the Lord and that it is all His plan. But is this feeling His nudging me to get ready? I recently started selling Shelf Reliance to enable me to get my food storage where I want it! It has been great, but I feel like others just don't get it. I am scared for us, but also for them!

  10. Believe it or not, I've been talking to a lot more people who want to start gardening and canning their own food! I think it's great! But now canning jar prices are going through the roof! Can't win for losing! lol