Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If It Walks Like a Duck

Well here it comes.  Another bailout.  Call it whatever you want to call it- but if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck....  You would think that after trying this over and over again that someone would figure out that it does NOT work. 

It's like that relative that gets in a bind and comes pleading for help.  You help him out and he goes along for a little bit and then runs into trouble again.  So you figure that well maybe this time things will be better.That THIS time he will "get it right".  That he just needs  a "little" more help to get things straightened out.  So you help him out yet again.  He goes on for awhile and you think he just might have things headed in the right direction.  Until.... yeah.... there he is....back he comes again.   Only this time, rather than coming with his hat in his hand and asking for more help, He sneaks in and takes your money and laughs at the fool you apparently are for letting him get away with your money yet again. 

 Sooner or later you would think that you would figure out that the situation is hopeless.  You can toss all the money in the world at the problem and yet nothing really changes.  Except, of course, for the debt.  It continues to grow and grow. 

I am furious about this newest tossing of money into the wind and expecting different results.  The sneaky slimey #*&#*&^$'s even had the nerve to wait until ONE DAY after the elections to pull this crap.  I am beginning to wonder just how much they can push off on us before something actually happens.

  We, as a nation, apparently have no backbone.  We just sit back and let them take more and more of our liberties while we suck on a Diet Coke, eat another poison laden candybar and watch yet another mindless "reality"  tv show.  Sometimes I don't think that we even care about anything other than ourselves anymore.  How does it help ME? What will I get from it?  The question is, and has been for quite awhile now, when is enough enough?   Where is your line in the sand?  Or will you just keep moving the line back every time they cross it, thinking yeah well I dare you to cross this one.....

                                                         ~~ Hey ... I'm Just Sayin ...~~


  1. I think that it doesn't matter where my line is drawn in the sand actually. The govt and those in power even behind the govt. politicians, are not concerned with my line. As long as they can get the votes to give them power, they will continue to make more and more people dependent on the govt. to shore up the power of the govt. While we technically don't have a democracy, but rather a republic, the results are the same once the "have not as much" group figures out that they can vote by majority to take whatever from the "have a little bit more" group, they will do just that. Meanwhile, they don't realize they are limiting their own freedoms in the process.

  2. You sure did explain that correctly. Now, everyone, no matter how stupid they are, should understand, right?

  3. The only way I can put it in words is..... It's just Surreal" Just when you think it couldn't possble get any worse, BAM!

    On top of all of this crap( pardon my french) my Dh was told that due to the building of the new store, they are making him submit a resume' and reapply for his job as store manager. Today was his interview and they advertised his( currently filled job, by him) right in the city paper and then almost bragged that they had 9 other applicants to interview besides him. Now he's been manager for alittle over 3 yrs, and according to them( stated again today) they are so very happy with his performance. When he asked why they'd kick him in the gut like this, they looked confused and then went on to say that they just want to make sure they have the very best person in the job, so when the store opens they can" Hit the ground running!" So what they were telling him is that they aren't sure he could do this and therefore expect to hire someone who can and demote my Dh to assistant manager( who BTW will have to train the new store manager, if my Dh doesn't get the job) Well, he's supposed to know by Friday and we'll be discussing it more this evening but I think that the demotion offer stinks and since we are debt free and Dh repairs cylinders and is quite the handyman we'll take our chances( loosing our healthcare) and tell them where forget it. Also the gal who is the assistant manager now, has already found another job, as has the part time counter clerk so this will leave them with only the shop/ tire repair man and nobody that has any experience or knowledge in the Farm and Ranch side of it. They're going to find out just how much my Dh and his team did for that store. When I think of all the times we had plans on( his every other weekend off) and the big boss would call and say," Oh BTW there is a feed seminar you have to go to this weekend!" and we cancelled our plans and he lost out on his weekend off it makes me..... well it's a good thing I didn't go to his interview, someone would have gotten punched*wink*

    So glad we're where we are at in our preps and way of living, we'll make ends meet. Of course there will be sacrifices, like we may NOT buy feeder pigs this year and some extras will be cut out but we'll survive.