Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Thing's

What a beautiful day it is turning out to be. It rained last night and through the early morning, a good soaking rain which is greatly appreciated.  It also means I get to skip a day or two watering. The newest bunnies have their eyes open and a couple are starting to hop out of the nest.  New bunnies are so darn cute!

The little "herb" garden that Mars planted is starting to look like a garden!  The tomato's are blooming and there are two baby tomato's already!  The bell peppers are blooming as well.  I'm still waiting and watching for some of the herbs to come up.  If they don't appear soon I am going to replant something else there.  The sweet basil and the cilantro are up and doing well. The sage and the lavender are just sprouting too.  Just in case though I started a whole second round of herbs in pots yesterday.  Actually what I did was to cut the bottoms out of 2 liter bottles and then drilled holes in the bottoms.  Gotta love DIY!  And heck you can't have to many herbs can you?  They are great and and inexpensive way to make your food storage even more yummy.

We have been looking for property for awhile now and still are!  We would like to find some land in Arkansas (first choice) or southern Missouri or the eastern side of Oklahoma. I ran across an ad yesterday that I had seen months ago and somehow had forgotten.  It's in the northern central area of Arkansas.  Three acres with over 300 foot of year round creek frontage AND electricity already on the property.  Best of all- its affordable and owner financed.  I'm still waiting on a call back so we shall see where we go from there.  Might be a road trip in the near future!  AKA a perfect excuse to go camping for a couple of days....LOL

I am really starting to miss our old smoker.  During most of the year our main cooking area has always been either the BBQ pit or the smoker. It just gets to hot to cook in the trailer much after about May.  Well the poor old smoker didn't make the trip with us as it was on its last rusted out bottom parts!  I have to say though it was an excellent one and lasted us over six years.  Mar's is going to have to build us another one for sure.  And the sooner the better I say!  I've become bored with cooking in the house.  It happens every spring after a winter of indoor cooking.  Only this time.... well... we are just going to have to figure something out!  Especially  since there are two huge racks of pork ribs in the freezer. 

It's almost time for me to wind down the baking for awhile.  It's gonna be getting to hot to bake soon. Until then though I'll keep making baked goodies.  I made a peach cake yesterday. It was ok I suppose.  Mar's likes it so I suppose that's what really matters. I used some of my canned peaches from last year.  Before I share it with you all though I am going to have to "tweak" it some.  A tad more sugar and some more vanilla and probably another jar of peaches just might make this a winner!  I'll let you know.


  1. you sound like you are living the life of Riley - and i am super glad for you!

    i got my fingers crossed that you'll get that call soon - wooohoooo!

    and congrats on the garden! i got all of my seeds started and just can't wait to get stuff in the ground!

    and ya - share that recipe when it is properly "tweaked"! bahahahha!

  2. I am with Kymber- I am "super" glad for you too! Oh and peach cake just sounds good, and I look forward to the recipe, tweaked by a pro!

  3. Wanted to pass this link on to you about owner financed land. Neal is a very honest, caring guy and has some great land deals. If you check his site out tell him "Maudemae" sent you. Thats my user name on the homestead blog.

  4. Hey girl I am with you on that Land thing, it`s really hard trying to find some we still are looking too(owner financed). You need to post that recipe for the cake it sounds sooo good. My Son is buildind us a new smoker we have had ours for about 10 years and I am afraid it I use it again it will fall apart LOL. Your doing good I love your blog. Happy Homesteading.