Sunday, December 6, 2009

What Say You?

We have come to a turn in the road.  Things in this country are  rapidly becoming out of control.  Most people just go on about their everyday life like nothing is changing.  Our freedoms are being (and have been) challenged every day.  Yet we do nothing.  Carry on each day just like the day before.  Get up, go to work, pay your bills, and your broke again.  Just like last week.  And the week before that and the week before that.  It's been that way for us for years.  Nothing really changes for the working class.  Except the decline of the dollar and the taking away of the freedoms we once all enjoyed.  Work your pissy job, pay uncle sugar, try and keep the lights on and food on the table.  What a wonderful setup.  Bad enough that the government is already reading over your shoulder but it just gets worse.

 Health Care?  Where does it say anywhere in the constitution that we are ENTITLED to healthcare?  Someone please just show me where it says it.

My RIGHT to free health care will certainly be put to good use by those who want more and more of my pittance.  IF I provide the proper information and shell out at least xxx percent of my poverty level wages, I might actually see a doctor. Or not.  Another government crap shoot.

Oh and please take a number... you will be called in the order of your level of coverage-just as soon as there is a doctor willing to see you (providing you have the proper paperwork of course) as long as your sliding scale doesnt tip to the south to much.  Then take a number and take the Hippocratic Oath.  Physician... heal thyself.

And then....there is  Copenhagen. The meetings start tomorrow. Apparently Gore is going to be a no show. ( A victory in my books but thats another story) Can you blame him? What with the uncovering of the cooked books on global warming dating back to at least the 70's, how could you possibly believe any of the so called science is legitimate?  Just go look it up... I am to miffed to find the links for you. If the treaty is signed we can just say goodbye to the America and the constitution that made it one of the greatest nations every established. 
Cap And Trade, sure, come in and take another 40 percent of what little I have coming to me.  Sure! Sounds like a good plan to me.  Why would I dare to be just the tiniest bit disillusioned?  I mean... Obammy is looking out for us right?  All is well in America?  
Set your alarm, go to bed, Get up early, go to work, wash, rinse and repeat. 

Some might think I have gone over the edge here and it might be so.  But I refuse to just sit back and let what time I think we have left as a free nation slip by me.  There are big changes coming.  And there are big choices some of us are going to have to make.  Are you ready?  



  1. Excellent posts! I'm so ticked about all of this stuff I don't know what to do next. The American people are governed by a "represntative Republic", but I don't feel like I'm getting represented at all. We talk, they ignore. We are, as a country, screwed!

  2. What you said is exactly how we feel. Yet when we talk to people they think that we are crazy and I even got called a "conspiracy theorist" by one of my best friends last week. We are busy trying to be as prepared as possible on limited income and staying aware of what's going on in the world.

    Take care and God bless.

  3. Great post Sci.
    I'd say we are about as ready as we can possibly be. We make the best of what we have with what little we got.
    We just add a little at a time as the budget allows for it.
    You know Cat & I are here for you if you feel the need to talk/vent or whatever. :D


  4. Hi SFC,
    Good post.
    I haven't worked since July, so I've got lots of time to stew over things. No action seems right. An armed revolt wouldn't work because most Americans prefer the comfort of their chains. Blogging about freedom wouldn't work either. L. Neil Smith was right when he said that people that have to be talked into freedom don't deserve it. It comes down to the question, "How free do you want to be?" How many people would want to live without government, the source of our enslavement? The government that, ironically, was intended to protect our freedom. "Throwing out the rascals" is pointless, so too is "watering the tree of liberty". As for me, I'd take my chances with anarchy. Fewer criminals.


  5. Dam, I thought I was on Mayberrys site!!! Good post. So what are we going to do? fk

  6. That was a good post Sci. Hell, I thought I was on my site too ; ) You're expressing what a lot of us are feeling. I for one am sick of watching $800 per month of my piddly paycheck going to the government and the insurance company (who has the government in their hip pocket). WHat I have left, I have to decide if I want to pay bills or eat and be clothed! Today I decided to be clothed. New pair of boots to replace the ones I should have replaced 6 months ago (which are now leaking, I hate wet feet!), 2 pair of jeans (haven't bought jeans in YEARS), gloves (I had none), and a light jacket (also didn't have). Cost me $150 (ok, I did get 2 boxes of buckshot, subtract $10), and man did I choke on that. Pretty bad when it kills my budget to spend on necessities what a lot of people blow on a weekend....

  7. Now I'm going to go have to rant about Cap n' tax myself

  8. Im trying to figure out how to stay off the radar if the sheeple pass this rediculous healthless care plan. It gives me bad vibes when I think about how I'm at the mercy of the sheeple. The founding fathers might come back for this one.