Saturday, October 24, 2009

This and That

Well the last few days have been interesting.  And not all in a good way.  My computer crashed and crashed hard. Many thanks to DH for all the time he spent working on it.  Things that should have been backed up weren't.  I've lost over a years worth of my pictures.  Oh well, live and learn. I guarantee that I will be much more careful in doing my backups from here forward.   At least it is up and running again, as there is no way we could afford to replace it at this time. 

There are some serious cutbacks going on at work.  One thing that bothers me is that the General Manager will not lay anyone off. He doesn't want to have to pay the unemployment.

  Everyone's hours are being cut.  The people that are pretty much just warm bodies he has cut from maybe 30 hours a week down to 20 then the next week down to 12. He's trying to get them to quit.

At least I am not in that little group!

I am hoping once some of the "dead" weight is gone my hours will go back up.  I AM down to 32 hours a week now.  Heck it was hard enough to get by on 40.  Another victim of the "economic recovery".

I've been looking for another part time job to take up the slack but I've not been seriously looking ya know?  Two applications doesn't constitute a real job search! 


  1. Wow- I am sorry about your shortened hours, believe me I understand. Major sorry about losing the pictures.Ugh...we bought some thumb drives to preserve the pictures we have-

    Well, the only thing I can say, is good is for sure that you are not in the really reduced hours.

  2. SciFiChick - chin up girl! This is another little stumbling block on the road of life and i am sure that once some of the dead weight move on that you will get your hours back!

    And i would like to suggest that you do something really purposeful and useful in the hours that you gained of personal time - but heck - that would be a stupid thing to suggest to someone who has learned - what is it? - 15 new skills this year?!?!?!? so i won't suggest that - teehee!

    but i will pray that you get all of your hours back and maybe even a couple of overtime hours once all the dust clears!

  3. Thanks guys! I appreciate your kind words. Things could always be worse! I am trying to make use of the time off work to catch up on "things" that keep getting put off!

  4. Hours getting cut seems to the norm anymore - believe me I can attest to this as i am down to 1 day a week. Thats ok as I would rather be home working anyhoo. Don't think it will matter too much longer sf anyway but who knows?