Friday, February 27, 2009

They Call It Prepping

About a year ago I learned that there was a name for what I have been kind of doing for years. They call it prepping! All this time I had been thinking we we just a little bit "different" than most of the folks we know! That was also around the time I started seriously working on my food storage, not so much beacause I was worried about the state of the world (that came a couple of months later) but I was quite aware of the rising prices of groceries.
I am one of those shoppers that will compare prices ounce to ounce for everything. I started picking up something extra when I go to the store. It works. I also take big advantage of sales. For example, this week our local store has tuna @ 2/ 1.00 . Lately its been running about .74 . Theres a limit of 4 but I usually end up in the store a couple of times a week so thats 8 cans of tuna to add to my food storage this week. Total cost for the week $4.00. I was in the Family Dollar the other day and they had veggies at .50 a can Now THATS A DEAL!! It has almost become a game to ferret out the best deals.


  1. Well howdy, my name is Busted.
    Just found you through Treesongs place.
    I do believe I will bookmark you as soon as I am done writing.

    I have to admire your intelligence.
    When grocery shopping becomes all out warfare for survival, the smart folks get busy.
    I got my attitude from my late Grandmother who grew up in the Great Depression in Tennessee.
    I paid attention when we went shopping on Payday.

    I am with you, a little here, a little there, it adds up and that fifty cent deal at the Dollar store?
    Yeehaw did I get some looks when I pulled up at the checkout counter with two carts full and bent wheels.

    Screw Safeway.

    Good luck, I'll stop by once in a while .


  2. I changed my mind a bit.
    Not only did I bookmark ya, I put ya on my Blogroll. If ya have never visited, I have to warn you that there is quite a bit of profanity at times. However, I am actually a nice guy and I am, like you, living in a trailer park and trying to prepare for what is coming. I lived in a POS trailer for two years and just recently found a 35 ft Fifth wheel that I am trying to get moved into.

    If ya object to the content of my site, after you have actually read more than three or four posts, and want to removed from my Blogroll, just drop a line in the comments and I will abide by yer wishes.

    Here is the link, the name says it all.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I have seen your blog name somewhere....probably Treesong's. I will be by to check it out. Oh and I'm not that easily offended!!